What is LifeTravel.eu ?

LifeTravel.eu is a travel blog dedicated to sustainable tourism in Europe.

Can I find and book hotels on LifeTravel.eu ?

YES! You most certainly can. We’ve put together an exquisite selection of very unique environmentally friendly hotels. 

How do you pick the hotels on your site?

All hotels on LifeTravel.eu are either certified with European eco-labels (The Green KeyThe SwanThe Flower or national certificates) which guarantee the low impact policy of the hotels, or have been chosen due to their outstanding sense of responsibility for the environment and society.

Are there any booking fees if I book on LifeTravel.eu? 

NO.NEVER. If you book through our link, we do get a small commission (from booking.com) for each booking, but customers would never pay more. Our partnership with booking.com guarantees that there are NO BOOKING FEES and offers you the possibility to take advantage of more than 10 million hotel reviews.

For more answers, feel free to contact us!

Have a good trip!

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